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So, LiveJournal still exists, and so do I. I'm pretty sure there's no-one left reading this, though. There's certainly very little to read on my friends' page. I used to spend so much time on livejournal that I ended up marrying sofamiliar after meeting her here. Now we've got two school age children together.  My youngest is currently subjecting me to "Charli's Crafty Kitchen" on YouTube, with its two lines of background music that just repeat over and over and over again. My eldest is out at Beaver Scouts, which he started earlier this month, and seems to love.

Monday 24 November 2014

Today was the last day of my Reps 1 course at college, so I'm qualified as a steward now. We did some work on negotiation, and went for lunch together as a class to The Atrium, the on-campus restaurant, to celebrate the end of the course.

I'm currently in the children's room, trying to get them to sleep. I brought them up nearly two hours ago, read them a bedtime story (Amelia Bedelia), and said goodnight prayers with them. Story went to sleep quite quickly.  A few minutes ago, I thought Atticus had finally fallen asleep, and was just about to go back downstairs, when Story woke up and started crying. I had just called her back to sleep when Atticus got out of bed and I had to send him back. He's still awake now. The lights are out and he's lying down quietly, but I can hear that he's still awake.

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 November 2014

Lauren and Atticus were still ill, so I had Friday off as well, I took Story with me to do some grocery shopping.

Saturday was Lauren still ill, and Story and Leslie started feeling ill as well. I made a cooked breakfast, rested for most of the morning, then worked a late and very late, to 0300.

I've been up since about 0730 this morning, and feeling better than I'd expect, so far. The Children are eating breakfast and watching Peter Rabbit. Atticus seems to be better, Story has a temperature but doesn't seem to feel as bad as Atticus did.

In the night time

I'm in the children's room, comforting Atticus after he woke himself up coughing, when Story wakes up and starts quietly grumbling to herself. Atticus says "It's okay, Story. Don't be sad, go back to sleep."


I have updated something.

Two things, actually. A recent post from aliiis reminded how angry I get immigration, so I wrote about it ("Immigration:a major election issue") on nickoli.name.

I also uploaded a photo onto flickr - not exactly a recent one, as it was taken last October whilst I was on holiday in north Wales, but this is the first time I've downloaded my camera in a while, so it's new to the internet and I'd forgotten taking it, so it's almost new to me.


I guess now that I've mentioned these on livejournal, that's three things I've updated today. And I've not done it today, but I do sometimes update twitter (because it's easy to do straight from my phone). I'm Nickoli.

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